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Who is he ?

Emmanuel Chiona born April 23, 1964 alias " Shamann " .It offers his shows for the small public as the big, that's how it occurs as well in small places as in large halls in Paris, Limoges, Bastia , Miami, Faro, Clermont Ferrand, Frejus, Lille, Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Tulle, Brive, Rennes, Annemasse, Porto Vecchio, Geneva, Montpellier, Lunel, and many other cities.
The particularity of this hypnotist is his charisma , his magnetism and his ability to hypnotize you in a few seconds . The public appreciates it and asks for more! Hypnosis quickly becomes his passion and to this day his wish is to continue to make the public dream on stage anyway those who remain awake. His show is hypnotically funny !
It's a real show man !! With a style unique in France and on stage it is sometimes asked for the first parts of comedians .... Anthonny Joubert, Jean Marie bigard, Decaf and many other artists.

He also practices Hypnotherapy Practitioner since 2012 he specializes in stopping tobacco, weight, stress.Il moves around the hexagon and beyond borders for French expatriates.

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President of the Association of the show hypnotists of France.
Gathering hypnotists of qualities respecting a charter and deontology in the benevolence of the participants.

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Contact information

C.event4you 47 boulevard Ernest Hemingway
34500 Béziers

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday: 10AM - 7PM
Sunday: Closed


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