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Do you want to organize a hypnosis show? with an extraordinary artist who mixes humor and mystery? You want to spend an unforgettable evening? Participate and live a hypnotically funny show ? you are in the right place ! .. SHAMANN is the hypnotist you need!

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Do you want to train for show hypnosis? Do you want to hypnotize your friends? you produce on stage? you want a boost for your shows tips a coaching? You are in the right place.


Need one or more sessions for Weight, Stress, Phobia or any other problem that you want to solve with hypnosis? write by asking for a quote, and we will find a solution.


Contact information

47 boulevard Ernest Hemingway
34500 Béziers

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday: 10AM - 7PM
Sunday: Closed


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