Restaurants in Bonifacio

Le Centre Nautique

The Centre Nautique restaurant is located on sea front, facing the citadel and presenting a distinguished taste of mediterranean gastronomy.

Address: Bonifacio, Quai Nord
☎ + 33 (0)

La Caravelle

Nested at the foot of the citadel, in the heart of the Bonifacio Marina, la Caravelle features a gorgeous XIIIth century chapel reconverted into a sumptuous restaurant decorated along the deep sea theme, where you can enjoy local specialties, freshly caught fish and sea food.

Address: Bonifacio, Quai Jérôme Comparetti
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Traditional tapas & oyster bar

Address: 6 rue Saint Jean Baptiste, 20169 Bonifacio
☎ 06 16 98 81 68

Cantina Grill

French traditional cuisine, worldwide cuisine, mediterranean cuisine. An nice address with good food at a reasonable price. 

Address: Quai Banda del Ferro | Bonifacio, Corse, France
☎ 04-95-70-49-86

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Da Passano

A quality cuisine, fresh homemade products.
You will enjoy the beautiful terrace along the port. 

Address: 53 Quai Jérôme Comparetti, 20169 Bonifacio
☎ 04 95 28 10 90A

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