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Check-in & Check-out

Rooms are available at 4pm and must be vacated at the latest at 12pm on your day of departure. 
Late check-out is free but subject to occupancy. To request a late check-out, please contact the front desk in advance. 

A secure storage room is available for your luggage and personal belongings. We also have changing and shower facilities which are free to use.

For your convenience, we offer a shower and changing room for your last day at the beach.

All major credit cards are accepted.

Locate the hotel

Hotel Carré Noir is located at Lieu-dit Bella Vista, 20137 Porto Vechio. It's 1.2 km from the beach and 4.4 km from Golf de Lezza. 

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Book a taxi

Should you wish to book a taxi from the airport to the hotel, please place your order here. Our team will get back to you very shortly.

Customize your room for more comfort

Cover & pillows

Should you need additional covers and/or pillows, please check the menu below and place your order. You may use the comment box below to specify your request.

Towels & Bathrobes

Should you need more bath or swimming pool towels and bathrobes, feel free to ask for it here!Take your stand: if you leave towels on the floor, we will have to change them; if you hang them, we know that you will use them again. Thanks for caring about the environment!

Need a baby cot?

Baby Bed available on demand. Place your order below and we will make sure to place one in your room. Please note they can only fit in deluxe rooms and above. 

Book our exclusive services in advance

Restaurant reservation

Should you wish to book a table in the restaurant Carré Noir wich stays 300 meters down the hill, please place your order here. Indicate the date and time you'd like to come and the number of guests.Don't hesitate, add any comments you may have in the comment box below!