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Discover the best beaches in the area

Corsica has 1000km of glorious coastline and close to 200 beaches; and thanks to the island's diverse landscape there is a real variety in the style and makeup of the bays and coves.

We have selected for you the must-see beaches around the hotel. Have a nice and peaceful stay! 

Fautea Beach

South Beach Corsica Fautea The range of faults, Is One of the beauties found in the town of Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio. Dominated by ITS Genoese tower, built in the late fourteenth century, the site of fault is protected since 1979 by the Conservatoire du Littoral.

Access: 4 km north of Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio. Take the RN 198 Towards Bastia.

Pinarello Beach

Located in Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio, the Gulf of Pinarellu home to long stretches of white sand lined with pine Generous. Refreshment, restaurant and water sports come together in a gentle atmosphere and family. Its small port, run by the glaciers, welcome boaters to stop and breathe from the sweetness of life. Pinarellu off the island of Ruscana Rears icts tower in the Sixteenth Century, housed a garrison of Genoa.

Access: Take the RN 198 Towards Bastia, St. Lucia, turn right Towards Pinarellu (about 4 km).

Saint Cyprien Beach

The town boast of Lecci ... this little bay contains a beautiful beach Surrounded by the pond Arasu. A Genoese tower Dominates this site and Many Were Remains discovered near the mouth of the Osu. White sand, turquoise water and red rock: A true palette of colors to dazzle in the Pupils. Recommended Range for Children Because Of icts deep water and moderated by progressive providers of water sports: water skiing, sailing, jet-ski ...

Access: A Trinity of Porto-Vecchio, take the D 468 (7 km from Lecce). 

Cala Rossa Beach

Cala Rossa beach LecciUn more gem for the town of Lecce, the bay of Cala Rossa Is A mecca for luxury tourism. A blend of green and blue in the background Bavella needles ...the menu, grilled prawns over a wood fire, all punctuated by the comings and goings of the waves ... This formula est disponible to all Zen. 

Access: A Trinity of Porto-Vecchio, take the D 468 Towards Cala Rossa. 

Benedettu Beach

Inked in the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, a bay blessed by the Gods, That Is, a haven of peace ...The small beach nestled Benedettu IS at the bottom of the Sami name of the peninsula, protected by a Roman. Here, silence is the key word ... in the distance, the city Offered the salt in the landscape.

Directions: From Trinity Porto-Vecchio, take the D 468, then follow signs to Cala Rossa, and finally the first road on the right goes to the peninsula.

Golfo di Sogno Beach

The deep bay Stagnolu opens in the west of the peninsula and home Benedettu IS the beach of Golfo di Sogno. Here, "u Stagnolu" (the pond) IS Held by long sandbars while Osu flows Into the sea This peaceful bay Provides excellent anchorage for sailors as well as good conditions for sailing Enthusiasts.The beach Is Difficult to access the path Because That Takes Is A campground (It Is Necessary to pay a toll if you want to enjoy the site more Than an Hour). 

Access by sea est aussi Paying (rent moorings).
Directions: From Trinity Porto-Vecchio, take the D 468 Towards Cala Rossa.

Palombaggia Beach

Range Palombaggia watercolor blue outline of a pink porphyry ... In the distance, white dunes, shaded by pine trees ... This marvel Is One Of The Most Beautiful of the island. Its shallow waters are a paradise for children aussi. Palombaggia offers a panorama of the Cerbicale. Thesis Five Islands bare Appreciated by birds and Often bitten by the wind are classified nature reserve. This natural beauty extends south to the Cape of Acciaghju with beaches and over-crowded Tamaricciu Acciaghju in summer.

Directions: South of Porto-Vecchio, on the RN 198 to the D direction Palombaggia / Piccovaggia.

Santa Giulia Beach

Santa Giulia beach South of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, Santa Giulia bay gold Simply heaven on earth. A bathing lagoon at the foot of a mountain for miles of white sand, then this is one of the most famous beaches in South Corsica. It est aussi one of the most complete nautical bases and dynamics of the region. All the ingredients are there ...

Directions: South of Porto-Vecchio, Bonifacio Head Towards the RN 198. A Précojo, turn left Towards Marina di Santa Giulia gold continues Towards Bonifacio and take the second left, 1 minute Later, heading for Santa Giulia.

Rondinara Beach

Half Way Between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, the Bay of Rondinara the shape of a shell opens the eyes of mariners Astonished cam to enjoy a fountain and a unique dream beach.Every summer, she Like Her sisters Became one of the most frequented sites.

Access: On the RN 198 Towards Bonifacio, After the hamlet of Chiov asino, turn left Suartone / Rondinara. Beyond the hamlet of Suartonu.

*Photo credit: Nick Grosoli via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND